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Building Project - Building Fund

In Fall of 2010, St. George's Parish at last received funding to build a much-needed Church Hall Expansion. This new space will enable us to better facilitate Parish life and activities, Church School for Children, and our various Out-Reach Ministries, such as St. George Food Pantry and our Annual Winter Service Retreat for Youth and Young Adults. The new facility will include a commercial kitchen, handicapped access restrooms and a bookstore. It will have adequate seating space for parish activities plus for hosting special events. 

All members and attendees of St. George's Church need to financially support the repayment of our building loan. However, the loan only covers the bare bones funds required to build the new structure. For example, it does not cover the additional expense of outfitting a commercial kitchen, furnishing or setting up new church school rooms or offices.

Actual financial requirements are considerably more. Please Financially Support this vital Building Project! See the Building Fund Pledge Levels below and decide how you can help make this long-held prayer a fully-functional reality.

Those who contribute $1,000. or more will have their names engraved in a Commemorative Plaque.

In addition, consider "adopting" and dedicating a special room or a particular piece of equipment, such as a commercial stove or refrigerator. We will gladly discuss these options in detail, including donation installment plans for those who wish to make larger pledges.

Please make your donation as soon as possible as we hope to break ground and begin building very soon.

Every dollar you contribute will be greatly appreciated.

All donations are fully tax deductible.

Building Fund Pledge Levels

St. George Parish Hall Expansion

Building Fund Pledge

 * Regular Loan Repayment: To fund and repay the Parish Hall expansion building loan, each member of St. George’s Orthodox Church must step up to the plate and help out. For bare-bones building construction, as a parish we take on a $120,000.00 loan, which will be repaid, interest free, to the Diocese over a period of time.

So, in addition to your regular, vitally important tithe/support for the parish, for this vital building project to work, each person must responsibly cover a minimum ‘fair share’ of the expense.

If we all pitch in, it can be simple and virtually pain free. Costs break down as follows: Donating an extra $4.00 per week – the cost of one fast food meal – covers your share of the loan payment.

Period. This adds up to approximately $16.00 a month or about $200.00 extra each year. To support something which so greatly benefits us right now and critically impacts the future life and growth of our church, surely we can wholeheartedly commit to this small extra expense. Over the life of the loan, this totals about $3,000.00 per person.

 * Bronze Level Patron: In addition to and beyond loan repayment obligations, larger donations are critical to the success of this project. The loan covers only the basic expense of the church hall expansion and does not include outfitting our new commercial kitchen or our church school rooms, storage shelves, choir room, office furnishings, equipment or anything beyond the essential structure and infrastructure, such as plumbing, electrical and bathrooms. To flesh out the new hall and enable it to actually flourish and fully function, we need additional financial support! Bronze Level Patrons can ‘adopt’ or designate donations for the purchase of specific equipment or items, or can offer support for general building needs. Share a Bronze Level Patron Donation of $5,000. or more!

 * Silver Level Patron – Building Room Sponsors: You or your family can financially ‘sponsor’ a particular room in the new hall. Do so in the name of a special Patron Saint, in honor of a family member or in memory of a loved one. Silver Level Patrons can name a room of your choice: a church school room, the office or the choir room. Share a Silver Level Patron Sponsorship Donation of $7,500 or more!

 * Gold Level Partner Patron – For those able to make larger donations, we invite you to become a partner and make St. George Hall an expansion we can all be proud of; something which becomes a vital aspect of parish life and serves the local community. Gold Level Partners can name the new kitchen, bookstore or dining hall in honor of a special Patron Saint, a family member or in memory of a loved one. Share a Gold Level Patron Sponsorship Donations of $10,000 or more!  

  _____ Regular Loan Repayment ($4.00/week or $16.00/month or $200.00/year)

 _____ Dedication Plaque Contributor (Any Donation of $1,000 or more)

 _____ Special Contributor (Donations of Any Amount up to $4,999)

 _____ Bronze Level Patron (Donations of $5,000 or more)

 _____ Silver Level Patron (Donations of $7,500 or more)

 _____ Gold Level Partner Patron (Donations of $10,000 or more)


Please send checks made payable to: St. George Orthodox Church

 Building Fund – PO Box 667; Pharr, TX 78577

Or Make Your Donation Through Clicking on the PayPal Button on this website.

(Be sure to Designate any Building Fund Donations)


If you are not able to financially support this church hall building project right now,

please keep its success in your prayers! Many thanks to one and all!

Donate by Clicking Button Below: Specify Building Fund Donation

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